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We specialise in helping people live and exercise injury-free so you can stay fit and healthy and get the most out of your life. We've worked with internationally renowned athletes, enthusiasts looking to take care of themselves and people struggling with injuries from work.

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World Class Physiotherapy in Northumberland

Welcome to Physio & Therapy UK, your one stop shop for all of your health and rehabilitation needs.

Paul Hobrough and his highly skilled team are at hand to help you on the road to recovery whatever your level of fitness. With years of experience in the world of physical therapy and sports science our unique online consultation will get you back on your feet as quickly as possible. Learn more about us.

What Our Patients Say About Us

Although the mind still thinks I’m the athlete I was in 1985, the body is not being as willing! Therefore I rely heavily on the expertise of Paul and the Physio and Therapy team to keep me in one piece and able to do the physical activity to keep the mind and body sane! I can’t thank Paul enough for all his help with ongoing Achilles and Calf problems and can’t recommend them enough.

Steve Cram CBE track and field champion patient
Steve Cram MBE World Record Holder

Over the years I’ve had knee injuries and other running related problems which have largely disappeared following treatment at Physio&Therapy UK. I’m now running as fast as I did 15 years ago.

Simon Griffiths Freelance Writer and Triathlete

Paul Hobrough was a massive support at Physio & Therapy.

Tim Brabants Olympic Champion patient
Tim Brabants Olympic Champion

Treatments and advice from Physio&Therapy UK helped me finish my first marathon recently, I couldn’t have done it without the support of their team, thank you!

Sarah Winter Course Administrator - Kingston University, Runner

I would thoroughly recommend Paul Hobrough and the Physio and Therapy team to anyone who enjoys being active. I find fortnightly sessions just keep me in one piece and able to keep the activity levels up! Thanks to all the team for keeping the niggles at bay!

allison curbishley runner patient
Allison Curbishley BBC Radio 5 Live & former GB Athlete

Paul Hobrough and Rick Van Riemsdijk have been an intrinsic part of my support team for many years, with their treatment being second to none. They have a genuine interest in all their clients sporting ambitions, whatever sport at whatever level. Thanks guys for all your support.

benedict whitby marathon runner patient
Benedict Whitby British Marathon Runner

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World leading treatment with cutting edge technology.

Meet our Experienced Team

Experienced sports science and support staff
Paul Hobrough Physical Therapist and MD

Paul Hobrough MCSP


Paul is the founder of Physio & Therapy and has 16 years of international level sports behind him.

Sara Mather

Sarah Mather MCSP

Senior Physiotherapist

Sara is our Senior Physiotherapist,  Pilates instructor and Golf Rehab specialist.  Sara also works with client with woman’s health issues.


Filipa Liz

Sports Therapist
Lisa Short

Lisa Short

Lead Admin & Receptionist

Anji Andrews

Running Coach

Anji leads the Physio and Therapy Running Hub, and has vast experience working with runners like Steve Cram.


David Charlton

Sports Psychologist & Business Performance Coach

David is a HCPC Registered Sport and Exercise Psychologist, as well as a Mental Toughness and Leadership coach.


We've been helping people stay fit and healthy since 2003

Our team are experts in sports science.

Find a Physical Therapy Clinic in Northumberland

If you are suffering from an injury or ailment in the Northumberland area, tracking down a quality physiotherapist is a must. After all, how can you expect to make the most of the fantastic scenery, the endless beaches, the host of biking routes and wonderful walks that are right on your doorstep in Northumbria? Perhaps you are a sportsperson in the area who wants to hit the great outdoors and return to training as soon as possible. You may be recovering from surgery and need a helping hand to get back on your feet. You may just be suffering the effects of old age or a day job that has you stiff, sore and needing some relaxation and recuperation. Well, whatever your reasons for seeking physiotherapy, we are here to help.

We are an experienced and highly qualified centre for physiotherapy, offering the kind of bespoke and personal service that even the most demanding of customers can appreciate. We have worked with customers from across the spectrum, and we treat all of our customers the same: from office workers to Olympians. We use the latest and greatest in technology, as well as providing expert advice in a whole host of different treatment options. We look at alternative therapies and remedies, we can give guidance on orthotics and orthopaedic solutions and we can even provide shockwave therapy to target acute areas of pain and discomfort in the body.

What separates our services from the competition in the Northumberland area is this versatility. We deal with a range of conditions that may be the result of non-sporting reasons. We work with elderly patients suffering with arthritis, pregnant women struggling with painful cramps and much, much more besides. Physiotherapy can provide health benefits for all: providing pain management, improving posture and gait, helping the recovery process from surgery, helping with stress and stiffness in the joints. We are the best in Northumberland and beyond and can help you get back to your prime fitness level.

physical therapy in Northumberland

Cure pain in your back, neck, shoulder or foot.

Whatever part of your body is suffering, we have the staff, the tools and the knowhow to get you back to one hundred percent fitness. Hurting joints, consistent aches and chronic pain can afflict anyone at any time. When pain strikes, you need a physiotherapist to advise and allocate treatment as required. Some areas are common sources of complain that can strike everyone from athletes to the elderly and anyone in between. The back, neck, shoulders and feet all are put under considerable stress and strain in day to day life, but luckily our team are on hand to give expert advice and specialist treatment to ease those aches and pains.

The back is one area that can suffer serious pain. From painful conditions like piriformis to sciatic complaints, back problems can lead to broken sleep, time off work and being confined to bed for extended periods of time. Spinal conditions, general backache, slipped disks and more can all be treated using chiropractic techniques from our highly trained staff. We also have alternative treatments available, such as acupuncture and shockwave therapy, along with injections and an epidural available to provide a numbing effect for particularly severe cases of back pain. Sports massage may also be used to give a general soothing affect to the afflicted area, and lumbar support may be suggested to improve things further.

Neck and shoulder complaints are also a common cause for concern. Besides coming from sporting injuries, such as tennis and golf professionals, this area of the body is often strained by driving accidents, and repetitive strain injuries from bad posture in the workplace can also lead to problems. Luckily, our team offer massage therapy to reduce stiffness and soreness on the neck. There are also targeted treatment options for conditions such as bursitis, to manage pain better and give relief to the afflicted area. Acupuncture and shockwave therapy may also be used in some cases, driving away those shooting pains that can take over the collarbone.

Pain in the feet is another keen area of interest for future patients. Bunions are a common complaint for patients of all ages, along with general footpain, swollen toes and feet, orthopaedic concerns, hammertoe, osteoarthritis and more besides. Our team are incredibly experienced, and can provide a number of different treatments. From recommending orthopaedic supports and insoles to injections to help with pain, we are here to help you put your best foot forward. Other options also include pronation, supination and rehabilitation for metatarsal breaks. When so much of your day is spent walking, and when so many sporting activities rely on your feet to be in top condition, we can examine and evaluate on a case by case basis and impart our wisdom on you.

physiotherapist in Northumberland

Mend aching muscles and ease your sports injuries

For those seeking treatment from sporting injuries, or those looking to take away the pain and swelling from extensive exercise, we have the options you require. We work with a number of professional athletes, from golfers to tennis stars, from runners to Olympians. We can help with the recovery and recuperation following surgery from serious injury, such as a torn achilles tendon, a shattered kneecap, a slipped disk and more besides. This stage of rehabilitation can be a difficult and lonely process, which is why our friendly staff are such an essential source of support, knowledge and encouragement.

Our staff can also help with injury prevention - from observing a golfer’s swing to preventing conditions such as epicondylitis (tennis elbow). Painful conditions that can afflict sports professionals who are pushing their bodies to the limits are also treated by our team. Swollen knees and toes, back spasms, cyclists suffering with pain in their buttock to ankle ligament strains are all treated with the utmost care and attention. Advice around gait and on the correct footwear, orthotic advice for supports while exercising and dealing with foot pain in the plantar, sole, upper foot and heel are all available.

best sports injury clinic in Northumberland

How we can get you happy and healthy in Northumberland

We are Northumberland’s number one when it comes to meeting you physiotherapy needs. And our services are not just tailored for sportsmen and women. Although we provide the best in sports physiotherapy, our expertise allows us to treat a number of other conditions. We can provide care for those suffering the physical affects of diabetes, and can even offer advice on prosthetics and those recovering from prosthetic surgery. We can help with general pain management, so if you are struggling to get through the day then we can provide massage, support and more to make your life better.

If you are suffering from a headache, if your doctor has referred you after ligament damage or an arthroscopic examination, if your spine is aching and painkillers are not effective, if you have suffered fasciitis, neuroma, periarthiritis or capsulitis, then we can help. In the country of Northumberland we are the leaders in our field and we can get you back to your best in no time at all. Your health is paramount whether it is a part of your career or simply to help you make the most out of life. Physiotherapy is the best tool to treat pain, to aid recovery and to give you the chance to be your best. So stick with the best and put your health in our hands.

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