David Charlton

Sports Psychologist & Business Performance Coach

David Charlton, MSc, BSc & NLP


David Charlton is a HCPC Registered Sport and Exercise Psychologist, as well as a Mental Toughness and Leadership coach.  He has a proven ability to combine vision and creativity to develop and implementperformance managementprogrammes for individuals, teams and organisations.

David’s early career was in the travel industry, where he worked in a variety of customer service roles and supervisory positions.  As a Branch Manager, he was at the forefront of staff development programmes, developing a strong customer focused culture and introducing many new working practises.

Since his career in the travel industry ended, David has retrained and successfully worked for 7 years offering a consultancy service, where he assistsprofessional and motivated amateur athletes, sporting teams, business owners and organisations,to achieve their goals through the following main areas:


Mental Toughness Development

Mental toughness is a personality trait which determines or limits people to deal effectively with challenges and pressure.  At an individual and group level, it is hugely important and is a factor whether you, your team or your organisationis successful.  Delivering innovative coaching sessions, to break down individual barriers to improving sport and business performance, well-being, as well as, dealing proactively withinjuries and career transitions are the areas that David specialises in.

Leadership Performance Growth

David combines his knowledge of developing mental toughness by utilising i3 profiling and other assessment tools to help athletes, coaches and business leaders to develop outstanding leadership skills, so that they provide motivation to others to enthusiastically follow and give maximum effort consistently.

Pain Management

Pain management is an area that fascinates David, partly due to an ongoing, yet positive experience dealing with chronic back pain which has impacted on his lifestyle.  David will be working alongside Paul and the team to research and develop this area in the practice.


I am a very active person with bags of energy.  If I’m not presenting or helping people get the most from their talents I can be found with my young family or on the golf course, running or outdoors climbing a mountain.My personal achievements include:

  • Completing half and full marathons whilst raising £1000’s for cancer charities
  • Winning my local Golf Club Championship after finishing runner up 7 times.
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