Gait Analysis

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Gait analysis is the assessment of the way we stand, walk and run. Our computerized system is the same used for Paula Radcliffe’s insoles.  First we stand you on a force plate and see exactly how you stand, your weight distribution through the foot, centre of mass positioning and alignment. Then we walk you over a force platform to see the exact motion your foot takes, be it supination or pronation dominant.  The computer highlights pressures and force curves for each key component of the foot and can diagnose, rigid toes, rigid forefoot and other complex issues that create pain higher up in the body. Then you run across the platform (if appropriate) and finally take to the treadmill to measure your hip kinematics which can then be correlated to your foot mechanics.  If relevant, you will be fitted for an orthotic insole prescription which will speed up your recovery from complex musculoskeletal issues.

Physical therapy in action

Why have the full assessment?

A biomechanical expert deals with injuries and problem areas around the feet and ankles, knees, legs and hips (collectively referred to as the lower extremity). This could be for professional athletes suffering issues in one or more of these parts of the body, or could be as the result of non-sporting causes such as post-surgery.

How does the treatment work?

At Physio & Therapy UK, the latest podiatry technology is at your feet to get you walking tall once again. The GAIT Lab uses special sensors to track your movements, while the Footscan records a 3D model of foot pressure during movement. By analysing your body, issues with posture, injury and the potential for future problems can be uncovered by our team. This information can be used to provide the correct treatment and, in the case of the Footscan, lead to advice on footwear and insoles that will improve your condition tenfold.

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