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Medical acupuncture has been an incredibly effective treatment option for centuries. With its roots in Chinese medicine, this traditional therapeutic treatment relies on fine needles being placed around the body to ease pain in a number of different areas. We are the leading provider of medical acupuncture in the Newcastle area, drawing upon the history and origins of its practise by the Chinese, Japanese and Korean. We also embrace the latest techniques seen in American clinics and beyond, offering rehabilitation, rejuvenation and relaxation for everyone from sports professionals to asthma sufferers. Medical acupuncture can be seen as pseudoscience to some, but in our capable hands there are untold benefits to be found for a number of illnesses and health complaints.

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What separates our service from that of other acupuncture clinics in the Newcastle area is our versatile treatment options. Our background in sports science and physiotherapy means that our full equipped clinic is the best place to come for your course of acupuncture. Our staff have been involved in professional sports and know better than anyone the stress that injury and pain can cause, and the impacts it can have on performance. We also love to offer remedies to people who do not come from a sporting background, and can provide education and pain management for a number of reasons. As soon as you walk into our purpose built centre you will feel relaxed and taken care of by all of our friendly and professional staff.


Of course, other areas of the body can trigger back pain. Problems with the gait, injuries in the feet and legs can increase the strain on the back and neck, and in turn lead to pain in other parts of the body. You may notice auricular issues such as tinnitus or fail foul of stressful headaches and hip pain. Courses of acupuncture can be an effective way to cope with these strains and pains in a safe and beneficial way. Your doctor or physician may even recommend or refer you to our clinic if traditional medicine is struggling to make an impact on your condition.


Treatment for Neck and Back Pain


Medical acupuncture is often associated with providing relief from chronic neck and back pain. These areas of the body can make performance in sport or day to day life a struggle, whether the pain is in the lower back, in the shoulder or in multiple areas. Our acupuncturist team are certified, licensed and incredibly experienced in the art of acupuncture and acupressure. Using holistic medicine and herbology, along with targeting pressure points on the back, neck and shoulders, they can treat everything from sports injuries to sciatica. The team are well versed in chiropractic techniques and providing pain relief in the back.

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Of course, back and neck pain can come as a result of other conditions. For example, suffered of fibromyalgia may bee undergoing painful aches and stress in the lumbar region, or having flashes of sore pain in the shoulder. Acupuncture can be a wonderful way to increase movement and reduce pain, and studies have shown that even with the placebo affect offered by undergoing treatment that it is a successful way to treat conditions like fibromyalgia. Back and neck pain can also be found in patients dealing with obesity or weight gain. Muscle pain can lead to insomnia and reduced independence and mobility, so acupuncture can be a great tool to get you back on track.


Treatment for other areas of the body


There are countless ways that acupuncture can bring benefits to yourself and your physical and mental wellbeing. Research has shown that women undergoing the menopause have found acupuncture a fantastic way to relieve pain and stress in the body. It is also a wonderful method of treatment for dealing with the side effects of pregnancy. Whether you are suffering joint pain, loss of sleep, or rheumatoid pain, pregnancy should not be a time to suffer. Even patients dealing with illnesses like diabetes have been proven to get positive results. Sometimes traditional medicine may not provide the answers, which is where alternative therapy can be a blessing. Your health is paramount and acupuncture can alleviate many of these problems.


Some studies have shown that acupuncture can be a useful way to stop smoking or lead to weight loss. Some even believe it can help to boost fertility in patients and as an alternative treatment to nausea, neuropathy and more besides. Pain in the head – from migraines to scalp issues – can all be treated with acupuncture, and conditions such as tinnitus and acid reflux have all been treated by acupuncturists from around the world. Cancer patients have used the Oriental art to manage pain, and patients who have undergone cosmetic surgery procedures such as a facelift have noticed massive differences by being treated by a trained and certified practitioner using acupuncture methods.

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Our friendly staff are with you for every step of the way. Whether you are seeking out acupuncture to manage your addictions, to reduce pain, to generally improve your health or to aid recovery from a sports injury, we are here to help. Our treatment is effective and affordable, whether you seek out electroacupuncture, laser treatment or traditional acupuncture. We will not be beaten on price and we can provide discounts for repeat bookings if you are looking for a long term rehabilitation treatment. While also offering acupuncture in Northumberland, our location makes us the best in Newcastle if you are seeking acupuncture treatment and revolutionary way to manage pain and reduce stress. So whether you are an athlete or suffering due to arthritis, we are here to provide real relief for you.


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