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Find time for your health

At Physio & Therapy UK, we know that a busy lifestyle can make finding the time for physiotherapy consultations difficult.

No matter how much you may be suffering as the result of a painful sports injury or the after effects of surgery, taking time away from work or a hectic schedule can be nightmarish for some.

We understood that you want a quick solution to your problems in as simple and fuss-free as is possible. That is why at Physio & Therapy UK we offer an Online Consultation programme to allow you to get as close to the root of your problem as possible without even having to leave the comforts of your own home.

As well as saving you time in the present, it allows for an even faster diagnosis and treatment plan to be provided on your arrival at our high quality facility in Corbridge.

So how can our team get a read on your condition without even analysing you in person?

Well by using our specially designed anatomical diagram, you can select the area or areas of the body where you are suffering discomfort.

Whether you have just undergone knee surgery, are feeling the effects of tennis elbow or are suffering back pain then you can pinpoint that part of the body on our visual aid. This allows you to quickly get to the root of the problem and start the process of treatment.

Once you have clicked on the afflicted area, our team have devised a detailed questionnaire that enables our expert staff to get as clear a read of your situation as possible.

Along with providing your contact information to let us get in touch, the Online Consultation is made up of simple multiple choice options and short, easy to answer questions.

As well as giving our team a case history, by finding out how you obtained the injury in the first place and a clear idea of where the problem occurred, we ask the key, integral questions that can lead to a fast and useful diagnosis.

With the experienced staff at Physiotherapy UK, seemingly innocuous questions such as “Did you ever hear a crack pop or other audible tone from the body part?” will provide the team with a wealth of knowledge about your specific condition. The Online Consultation will take only a matter of minutes and requires no medical knowledge or prior professional consultation to allow us to get an idea of the best course of action. Once you have finished filling in the form, just click send and it will wing its way to the Physiotherapy UK office in Corbridge. There, our team can look over your responses to get an accurate idea of the next step in your treatment. You will be contacted by our friendly reception staff who will advise you of what to do next. By the time you have chance to visit our expert team, you will already be on the road to recovery.

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