Online Consultation - Knee

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Is your injury
Sports RelatedWork Related

Where on your knee does it hurt?

Is the injury
Acute (felt specifically whilst exercising on completing daily task)Chronic (slowly getting worse over time)

Can you describe the pain with one of the following:
Sharp electric type painNumbness or specific point ache (tooth ache in the body/muscle)

Did you ever hear a crack pop or other audible tone from the body part?

Is normal range of movement affected?

Is there any bruising, swelling or discolouration?

Were you able to continue with sport or activity or did you have to stop and rest?
Able to continueHad to stop

Does impact exercise increase pain levels?

Does the knee give way?

Does the knee lock?

Does it hurt more going up or down stainrs, or the same?

Is the pain on the outside, inside, behind the knee cap, under the knee cap?

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