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What are the best ways to heal that heel soreness? How do you cure any aches and ailments in your achilles tendon? What about a remedy for rundown runners, or support for supination? Orthopaedic complaints can be a bane for professional athletes. Hours of training – whether you are performing sets on the treadmill, clocking up miles on the track or putting in your all on the court or pitch – can easily take their toll on the feet. A number of injuries and illnesses can add up and lead to a frustrating spell away from your chosen sport. With running at the heart of everything from tennis and rugby to track and field and basketball, orthopaedic health is paramount to your continued success.


Of course, these issues and injuries are not confined to trained athletes and passionate sporting men and women. Ordinary people spend so much of their lives on their feet. It does not matter whether you are elderly woman heading to the local grocery store or a working person in the city on their daily commute, your feet are under constant pressure and strain. Painful conditions such as a bunion on the foot or hammertoe can impact massively on your quality of life and in severe cases lead to time away from employment. When calluses are causing concern and where fasciitis has you feeling low, you require a specialist view of your feet.

Luckily, that is where orthotics can drastically improve your condition and get you back running for glory or walking without a care in the world. By taking on expert advice from orthotist, you are given a range of treatment options that can help to manage pain and provide a cure that will have you back to your best. Identifying the causes of these conditions, prescribing the corrects orthotics to combat the issue, and following this up with advice and fitness programs is a sure fire way to keep those feet in working order and ensure orthopaedic complaints are a thing of the past.

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Treat Heel Pain Caused by Plantar Fasciitis

There are a number of injuries that can crop up around the feet, but not many are as painful and problematic as plantar fasciitis. This condition can affect both athletes and those who do not come from a sporting background, and affects the heel most of all. As the plantar is in regular contact with the floor it can be particularly difficult to rest and heal, and can make regular sporting activity impossible. There is no specific cause and the levels of pain can vary between individuals. It is an incredibly difficult condition to manage for runners, who place a large amount of strain and stress on the plantar, so fasciitis in this area can quickly lead to other injuries and concerns. It can be exacerbated by other orthopaedic strains too, such as the achilles tendon, the toes and the shins. The bottom of the foot is essential for launching into long jumps, sprinting down the finish line and for simply walking the children to school, so a fix to get functional again is much needed.

The first step on the road to recovery with plantar fasciitis is to get a closer look at the condition and the most effective ways to combat the pain. Gait analysis is the revolutionary technique that is utilised by the top athletes in the world to uncover the micro movements that can lead to foot pain and further injury. This camera technology is used by athletes such as record breaking marathon runner and Olympian Paula Radcliffe to offer professional insight into posture, gait and movement. Following this gait analysis, a team of professional will provide advice and look at a range of orthotics to attempt to manage the pain better and treat plantar fasciitis as effectively as possible. Insoles and cushioned shock absorption may be used to cushion the blow of repeated running, and heel cups may be added to shoes to reduce any additional pressure on the achilles tendon. Gait analysis is all about reducing stress and strain and preventing even more serious injuries in the affected area. Orthotics such as pads and inserts can make a huge difference to performance and your quality of life while walking and applying pressure to the plantar region. Following this analysis, your orthotist may advise a patient to seek further specialist advice from a podiatrist or chiropodist, and may even look to alternative medicine such as acupuncture as a way to manage the pain. Various stretches, exercises and other advice may also be given to assist the patient. Whatever the outcome, a gait analysis it the gateway to your plantar fasciitis recovery.


Treat Other Common Foot Complaints With Orthotics

Orthotics are also available for a number of other orthopaedic ailments and issues. With so much time spent on the feet, injuries are never too far away. Common sporting injuries like a broken metatarsal, ligament damage or strains on the achilles tendon can lead to many lost hours of training and top sports performance. These issues can be prevented by orthosis and the use of supports, splints and inserts. Sometimes larger braces such as an AFO (ankle foot orthosis) may be used, and taping around the knee and cushioned insoles can all stop injures from happening in the first place. Then there are foot problems that can affect all of us, such as calluses and bunions. Again, orthotics such as insoles and inserts can provide relief in the affected area and make walking and running bearable again. Orthotics can also be good for patients with prosthetics and for diabetics who may have reduced mobility. By making the most of gait analysis, specialist observation and correct prescription of orthotics, foot pain can be kicked away and athletes and ordinary people alike can walk, run and more without any problems. Visit our homepage to see what we offer.

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