Treating Injuries

Physiotherapy is a treatment used for a number of different injuries, our unique package includes a patent pending full body assessment designed by Paul Hobrough himself.  This unique computer programme provides you with your own unique body avatar image – highlighting the areas that require most attention, the areas for improvement and those that are functioning optimally already.  It might be that a regular style of Physiotherapy assessment may miss a key element of your body’s rehabilitation needs, but rest assured this unique system leaves no stone unturned.  The only place in the world that this assessment is available, is at Physio & Therapy UK Corbridge and is included in your initial assessment and 6 week follow up session.


Physical therapy in action

Why see a Physiotherapist?

A Physiotherapist session at our center is the start of your road to recovery. Whether you are recovering from recent surgery or have suffered a sports related injury, our team are hand to get you back to 100% as quickly as possible. Your first appointment with one of our physiotherapists will typically be around 40 minutes, and any necessary follow up sessions will usually last around 35 minutes. If you are in need of regular sessions to get back to your best then special discount rates are available, offering fantastic value for money.

How does the treatment work?

After undergoing an initial physical assessment and going over your case history, one of our friendly and skilled practitioners will discuss the best course of treatment. This could begin in-house that same day, and will feature different treatments dependent on your condition. This could be muscle manipulation, physical exercise, soft tissue massage, other techniques such as acupuncture or functional movement education, and may include physical supports like taping or strapping. If your condition demands more medical information then an X-Ray or MRI scan may be requested to get an in-depth look at the problem. A referral to a specialist may also be required to get the professional help you need.

For more information about physiotherapy, get in touch online or call our friendly reception in Corbridge on 01434 307989.

What matters more than anything is that our team of highly skilled practitioners are able to identify the cause and remedy your condition/injury so you can return to your normal routine happily.

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