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What Our Patients Say About Us

Although the mind still thinks I’m the athlete I was in 1985, the body is not being as willing! Therefore I rely heavily on the expertise of Paul and the Physio and Therapy team to keep me in one piece and able to do the physical activity to keep the mind and body sane! I can’t thank Paul enough for all his help with ongoing Achilles and Calf problems and can’t recommend them enough.

Steve Cram CBE track and field champion patient
Steve Cram MBE World Record Holder

Paul Hobrough was a massive support at Physio & Therapy.

Tim Brabants Olympic Champion patient
Tim Brabants Olympic Champion

I would thoroughly recommend Paul Hobrough and the Physio and Therapy team to anyone who enjoys being active. I find fortnightly sessions just keep me in one piece and able to keep the activity levels up! Thanks to all the team for keeping the niggles at bay!

allison curbishley runner patient
Allison Curbishley BBC Radio 5 Live & former GB Athlete

Paul Hobrough and Rick Van Riemsdijk have been an intrinsic part of my support team for many years, with their treatment being second to none. They have a genuine interest in all their clients sporting ambitions, whatever sport at whatever level. Thanks guys for all your support.

benedict whitby marathon runner patient
Benedict Whitby British Marathon Runner

Meet our Physiotherapist

Paul Hobrough Physical Therapist and MD

Paul Hobrough MCSP


Paul is the founder of Physio & Therapy and has 16 years of international level sports behind him.

Treat Your Pain with the Best Physiotherapy Newcastle Has to Offer

Newcastle is a feast for sport, with its heritage in football, rugby and other sports besides making it a mecca for all fitness freaks out there. With the Northumbrian coast and the Cheviot Hills close at hand for being at one with mother nature, the last thing you want is to be struck down by injury. Couple that with other common medical complaints, such as recovery from surgery, joint problems, aches and pains, arthritis, footpain, backache and more and what do you need? Physiotherapy. And when you are looking for a quality level of service, a treatment centre that can provide all of your needs and meet all of your expectations then you need to come to us. We are Newcastle’s premier provider of physiotherapy and can make all the difference to you.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to your care. We offer a wide variety of different treatment options to suit every need, and our team have years of cumulative experience in the field. We have helped people from all backgrounds and with a myriad of conditions back to full health. We are with you every step of the way, whether you visit us for a short time to get over an injury, or undergo long term rehabilitation from a serious operation and require regular appointments at our clinic. Our staff are friendly, approachable and full of all the knowledge you require to make a full and lasting recovery.

But our services do not simply apply to sportsmen and women who are suffering the effects of a professional life in their given discipline. Physiotherapy has multiple benefits for non-sporting injuries. Many people suffering pain are referred by a doctor or health professional to a physiotherapist, when painkillers and rest will simply not cut it. Our service can cater for common ailments such as stiffness in the joints, bunions and neck pain. Whatever your need, we offer the same quality level of care and attention that we give to all of our clients.

best sports injury clinic in Newcastle

Cure pain in your back, neck, shoulder or foot.

Whatever your background and whatever your reasons for seeking out physiotherapy as a treatment option, there are common areas where pain can be found. These are often the areas of the body that are put under the most stress and strain in day to day life. Whether you are elderly and having trouble with your feet, or you are used to working behind a desk and neck and shoulder pain is causing you to be uncomfortable, we are Newcastle’s first port of call.

The back is a common area that can suffer strains and pains. This could be a serious injury, and anything spinal related obviously requires the utmost care. That is why we make the most of injections, acupuncture, shockwave therapy and massage to give you different treatment options. Lesser but no less important conditions such as sciatic discomfort, a slipped disk or chronic backache are all covered by our team, and our experience in chiropractic treatments makes us the place to be for your recovery. We may suggest anything from lumbar support or acupuncture to get you on your feet. We will analyse your symptoms and look at the best possible course of recovery, to guarantee that you get back to your best as soon as possible.

Neck and shoulder pain is another area of pain that can afflict both athletes and everyday people. With painful conditions such as bursitis, we utilise all of our experience and knowhow to put you on the path to recovery. We can provide sports massage treatments, acupuncture, or injections to relieve pain and a splint or support to keep the affected area stable and secure. A trapped nerve or a stiff pain can make day to day life difficult and could affect your ability to work. With our treatment options, you can be sure that things will improve.

One particularly affected area of the body for people from all walks of life is the feet. With so much of our lives spent rushing around, keeping your feet in good working order is crucial. These orthopaedic conditions can range from painful bunions that require our treatment, to hammertoe or swollen toes. There could be a serious strain, such as a rupture in the achilles tendon or a metatarsal break. Without proper treatment, these conditions could lead to serious complications. Our team have seen it all and will know the best course of action to aid your recovery.

Some of our solutions are preventive rather than treatments after the event, such as injections into the afflicted area. Inserts into the shoe may be required to give a better feet, or insoles to improve the gait while walking. Pains in the upper foot or swollen toes can all be better with work on posture or through insoles. We also have experience in prosthetics, so those who have recently undergone surgery around the feet are covered and can be eased into their rehabilitation.

physical therapy in Newcastle

Mend aching muscles and ease your sports injuries

If you are a keen sports person in the Newcastle area, the last thing that you want is to be out injured and unable to make the most of your talents. With our experience in sports science and by using the latest technology, we will get you back to your best as soon as we safely can. We deal with a number of sporting injuries, from tennisarm, tendonitis, a muscle tear, calf strain, herniation, epicondylitis and much more besides. We have dealt with countless athletes over the years and we guarantee to give you the best quality of care possible.

Some of our treatment options are long term projects to get you back to your sporting level. If you have just undergone surgery on a broken bone or a shattered kneecap, for example, we will start slowly and make sure that you do not suffer complications. We pay close attention to any rotator, any meniscus tissue, any problems with recovery that will delay the process. We take into account arthroscopic examinations to examine joints closely and make sure that no repeat injuries come back to haunt you. From alternative therapies to sports massage, we will get you back fighting fit.

physio at work

How we can get you happy and healthy in Newcastle

Apart from being the best provider of physiotherapy in Riding Mill, we are Newcastle’s number one stop for physiotherapy. We know that this city is sporting mad and that the last thing you want to do is be out of action. Through the latest fitness technology, through close analysis of your condition, through friendly and experienced staff who get to the root of your problem, we will make sure that your fitness is put first. And you do not have to be a professional athlete to make the most of our services; we provide rehabilitation and recovery treatments for young and old, active and inactive. So whatever aches, strains, pains and more are afflicting you, we will work out a programme that suits you and your needs. We can help you be a better, healthier you.

physiotherapist in Newcastle

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