Sports Massage

Sports Massage

Sports massage is a great way to speed up the rehabilitation process from a range of sporting injuries, helping to get athletes and couch potatoes back to their physical best. Sports massage is very different to your typical SPA style massage, with a certain level of discomfort as we release long standing muscle knots.  Sports massage is not just for athletes and has become the guilty pleasure of many a stressed worker with tension headaches and back pain.


Physical therapy in action

Why see a Sports Massage Therapist?

sports massage is a fantastic treatment option for both active fitness fanatics suffering from aches, pains and strains, as well as the everyday stresses forced upon the body from a busy lifestyle. Athletes of all disciplines can benefit from soft-tissue massage to give relief from pain, improve performance and flexibility, restore proper body gait and a host of other positives. At Physio & Therapy UK, you will be treated by the official provider of sports massage and physiotherapy at the International Triathlon Union World Championships Final 2013. Our Northumberland physiotherapy team can be found providing the best sports massages at a host of other sporting events across the UK, keeping athletes of all abilities in top condition.

Soft tissue therapy can release the tension from the body’s soft tissues due to over-use, after injury or through inactivity, bringing a range of benefits:

  • Prevention of injury
  • Relief for tired and aching muscles
  • Pain reduction through the relaxation of soft tissues
  • Reducing recovery time after training or competition
  • Improved flexibility and range of movement
  • Reduction of stress and tension
  • Improved posture and general body awareness
  • Aid rehabilitation after an injury, accident or operation
  • Enhanced immune system


How does the treatment work?

Whatever your ability – from Sunday League footballers to professional triathletes – a sports massage from Physio & Therapy UK will help you on your way. Our team have an innate knowledge of the human anatomy and providing the best treatment for rehabilitation. By pinpointing areas of pain and discomfort, a sports massage will realign the tissue and give your body the release it needs from the tension caused by high activity or on the recovery from injury and inactivity. Sports massage can be used alongside physiotherapy to aid recovery and provide relief and recovery. Our team will provide a tailored plan to fit your individual needs and requirements.

Sports Massage assists in the repair and prevention of common sports injuries such as:


  • Joint Related Pain and Dysfunction
  • Neck or Back ache
  • Sciatica
  • Whiplash
  • Tennis Elbow
  • Carpal Tunnel
  • Tendon, Ligament & Muscle Injuries
  • Movement Cysfunction
  • Cycling Related Injuries
  • Swimmer’s Shoulder Pain
  • Running Related Injuries
  • Repetitive Strain Injuries

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