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A massage can be one of the most powerful and effective ways to treat a host of injuries and underlying conditions. Besides the peaceful properties of traditional Swedish massage and the ambience of aromatherapy, relaxing music and luxurious oil, massage can be used to go deeper. Sports massage, deep tissue work and a number of specialist techniques and treatments can all be utilised to improve the quality of life of the infirm. Sports massage can obviously improve the performance of professionals, whether this is to ease the general aches and pains of regular sporting life or to ease rehabilitation from injury. It can help to overcome surgery, to ease pregnancy pain, to deal with stress and to improve conditions such as fibromyalgia.


With all of these positives to look for when it comes to sports massage, you need to put yourself in the hands of a professional. So many different treatment options are available and your reasons for seeking out a massage could cover one of these reasons or a number of them. In Newcastle, we are the number one provide of deep tissue sports massage therapy. Our years of experience has seen us work with everyone from office professionals to Olympians. We have provided physiotherapy and rehabilitation for clients from all walks of life and our service and treatment options are unrivalled. We are your first port of call in Newcastle upon Tyne for a massage treatment that will get you back feeling great.

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What separates us from the competition in the wider Newcastle area is our experience and great customer service. Having worked in the world of sport ourselves, the team full understands the dedication required to be your best. We also know all too well the physical toll that professional sport can take on the body. Whatever your role in sport – from triathletes to tennis pros, from lacrosse players to long jumpers – you may find yourself injured, out of action or simply burned out and requiring specialist treatment to east soreness and tension. When your body is the way you earn a living as a professional, you need it to be in full working order. Luckily, our team have all the tools and techniques to get you back doing what you love.


We also cater for Newcastle’s general public who require treatment. Our highly qualified, certified team are on hand to give advice, to help you recover from injury or to provide relief from pain. With rave reviews from all of our Newcastle clients, we are here to serve your needs and meet all your requirements. Whether you are recovering from a recent operation, struggling to manage getting around or simply need a relaxing spa treatment to ease those aching shoulders, we are here to make you feel great. Our professional, friendly staff will put you at ease from your first phone call or consultation until your final round of treatment. We also have special offers, gift vouchers and block discount bookings available so that you get value for money to go with your improved health and wellbeing.


Ease Sporting injuries with a full body massage


So what are the best options available to you if you have suffered an injury playing sport? Whether you have soreness in your shoulder, lactic acid build up in your legs or pressure in your plantar, we have the specialist therapies and the experienced staff to help you get back into business. All of our team are Registered Massage Therapists (RMT’s) and have a wealth of knowledge to deal with a myriad of injuries and conditions. Following a clinical assessment from our team that takes into account the nature of your condition, your chosen sport and your general fitness, we offer programs and courses to get you on the mend. Perhaps you are a one off client who needs a sportsmassage to give some neck relief, or a leg massage to target an old injury. You may also require a ten week course of treatment post surgery, to aid the healing process and combat fasciitis or neuromuscular damage. All options are available to you in our fully equipped clinic that serves Newcastle and beyond.


Our therapists are constantly seeking out the latest developments in massage treatment to give you the widest possible choice of treatment options. Traditional Asian massage techniques such as ashiatsu (barefoot massage) or a strong Thai deep tissue massage may be just the thing for getting deep into sites of stiffness and tension. Hawaiian lomilomi massage – where knots are kneaded out of the back – or traditional Indian, Balinese or Chinese massage can all be undertaken to combat stress in the body and to target pressure points. Our team have chiropractic teaching and certification so issues with the back, neck and shoulders can all be treated. And muscle injuries in the calf, foot or neck can all be managed, from hot stone therapy to traditional Swiss treatments. The choices are endless.

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We also offer groundbreaking treatments that are not found in your typical physiotherapy sports clinic.We can provide watsu therapy, a gentle water treatment where the patient is lowered into warm water. This technique makes use of mobilisation, massage and shiatsu and is particularly useful for patients who have undergone serious injury. We also have extensive knowledge of cranisacral technique and esalen massage, with its long strokes and unique combination of physical and psychological work. Our team are here to advise, educate and practise sports massage because we know all too well that being out on the sidelines with injury is not the place to be. We will ensure that you safely and swiftly get back to doing what you do best and competing at the highest level.


Experience a therapeutic massage using techniques that reduce tension


So what if you are not a sporting professional? You may just be an enthusiastic runner who is feeling pain in the legs and needs some stretching and treatment. You may be a prenatal woman looking for a relaxing Swedish massage to breathe some life into those tired limbs and that aching back. You may be stressed out with work and are interested to see how reflexology and reiki could improve not only your physical health but give you a blissful feeling on the inside too. Luckily, our team give the same level of focus and care to all of our patients, regardless of whether you are a sports professional competing at the highest level or just somebody requiring specialist care to improve your health.


We have a variety of different treatments to suit your individual needs. As well as our deep tissue massages and specialist work with sports professional, we provide traditional relaxation courses that can have you feeling healthy inside and out. We offer holistic therapy and traditional Oriental massage options, as well as hot stones and salt scrubs to exfoliate the skin and breathe life into your weary muscles. We can offer foot rubs for orthopaedic complains, hand massages for those who spend their day in an office chair and typing away at the keyboard. We can even help with relaxing courses such as yoga and refloxology, and provide detox programs to boost wellness and promote healthy living. We want you to stay healthy and relaxed away from the massage table and into your day to day life.


We also offer more extensive treatments, such as lymphatic drainage. This allows your body to reduce water retention and can be a great way to promote weight loss. It is also a wonderful way to reduce stretch marks from pregnancy or weight loss by boosting the recovery of scar tissue. The benefits of treatments like these can extend well beyond physical health and provide a massive increase in self confidence and promote a stronger sense of self. And with our friendly and supportive team with you every step of the way, our massage parlour will make you feel right at home and in the hands of professionals who care.


Whatever your reasons for seeking out a deep tissue massage in the Newcastle area, we have you covered. Along with other cities, we’re currently the best provider of deep tissue massage in Hexham. Our flexible price structure, our discount packages and our many, many positive reviews from others in the local area all tell their own story. We are constantly improving our facilities at our independent, class leading centre, and our stuff are incessantly trying to find new and better ways to get you back to full fitness. So whether you are a rugby player on the road to recovery, or a corporate worker looking for a cranial massage to take your mind off of work, we are Newcastle’s best. Simply get in touch over the phone, online, or speak directly to one our friendly receptionists to get yourself on the way to a healthier, happier you.

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