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Search Engine Marketing by Tiny Digital

Specialists in search engine optimisation

Do you want a website designed?

Or do you want customers?

We don't actually do web design

That may sound strange, so please let me explain.

I need to start with a question - what's the point of your website? What action do you ultimately want users to take?

Do you want them to:

  • Download a file?
  • Sign up to your mailing list?
  • Get in touch to become a client?

We specialise in getting people to find a website and design it to encourage them to take the desired action.

If you're thinking of a website as a one-off project, we probably can't help. This is almost guaranteed to never produce a return on your investment and that's not what we want.


Search Engine Optimisation

That's why our specialism is SEO.

We basically create websites that give the search engines (particularly Google) what they're looking for, so that people who use them can find you when they search for what you do/where you do it.

There are all sorts of details behind this and this isn't really the place for them, but let me give you one example involving this very page that you're reading:

The reason the link in the footer takes you to this page and not our website is because, while that's a very common thing for web designers to do, it's not best practice for SEO.

Links are a vital part of an SEO strategy but links in a footer are devalued by search engines compared to links within the body that are surrounded by relevant content.

Footer links also feature on every individual page of a website, which frankly appears a bit 'spammy'.

So instead of sending a load of low-value, spammy looking links to our website, we'd rather have one quality link in the body of (hopefully valuable!) content that is of genuine interest and help to users.

This is one of the most important fundamental principles of organic search engine marketing. This sort of expertise (and actually taking the time to act on it) is why we are convinced that we provide the best SEO Newcastle has to offer. We started outperforming local search competitors very quickly and have happy clients in the US, Canada and the UK.


Conversion Rate Optimisation

Of course, we know you don't truly want SEO.

You want to increase revenue.

This is where conversion rate optimisation comes in.

We design (or redesign) sites to feature some of the best practices of conversion rate optimisation. These design features combined with psychological triggers from copywriting encourage people to actually follow the action you want them to take.

You would be amazed at what a difference CRO can make.

It's genuinely possible for small design changes to double the results you're getting from your site.

This is the difference between an agency that comes in and 'does SEO' where you see no difference except for their regular invoice and one that cares about your business.

This is why we don't do web design.

Without all of this it's practically pointless.

There are too many people who use a website to manually refer people to or use as an indicator that they exist instead of as the the 24/7 sales and marketing machine it can be.

So if you want a website, we can't help. If you want digital marketing, let's talk.

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